Hawa Chicken

In all advertisements, the person addressed is always male. Although, to be fair, we’d like to thank Hawa Chicken who thought to adress women directly through this message. “Seek chicken even if it’s in China”, “So you don’t get yelled at by your husband”

Noet to the artist George Khabaz: We know that humor is one of your qualities, but yelling at a woman

for the sake of a chicken thigh isn’t funny at all but more of domestic violence.

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  • Hisham Assaad
    20 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Come on! although im against the cheap and lame quality of the ad, i disagree with you
    the ad is inspired by a scene from one of George’s plays. It is horrible, and lame
    but no reason for kherber to act against it. I’ll post something that will be much of an interest than this.

  • gaia
    22 Oct 2011 | Permalink | Reply

    Hisham, people tend to justify violence by being funny, we always hear (basita wlo ma 3am yemzah) which is a very dangerous act, violence cannot be justified no matter what, especially if it was because she didn’t cook dinner for him, if it’s taken of a play or a book or whatever it is, it is not funny and it’s very unhealthy. Yet again, if you can write something better, then it’s perfect, you are most welcome to do that, and link us to it.
    Moreover you missed the part where there’s a “damme” on the tlobi so that it’s obvious it’s for women, as we said they always address men in ads, why this time, just because it has to do with cooking they addressed women, men can cook too, and we are very past the stage of women staying at home and cooking, hawa chicken and all ads hopefully, donnot realize that by such ads they are just reinforcing gender stereotypes and putting each gender in a box where women cook and men get violent because of Food. it’s demeaning for both genders.

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