They’re driving us out of our clothes… and skin!

Seif Beauty Clinic

(Beirut – Jounieh road)

On the occasion of Saint Barbara’s Day, “Seif Beauty Clinic” decided to encourage women to unzip their skin, shed their bodies and throw them out into the garbage, in order to acquire a new body free of any unwanted hair, wrinkles, or fat; anything that might indicate a natural body that has not been altered and changed through surgical or artificial interference. Our problem is not with the removal of hair or fat, but with the manner of promotion of these services and the propagation of an atmosphere of obsession with weight loss and complete and utter hairlessness. The problem with these ads is that they want you to hate your body, to fear the mirror and the scales, and to dream of the perfect body that nobody could ever attain, in order for the companies to profit off your continued efforts. These ads want you to deny your own skin, to “get out of it,” in order to become socially accepted.


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